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9:45 a.m. Children's Religious Education (RE) - Held the first Sunday following Labor Day through the last Sunday before Memorial Day.

The Children’s Religious Education program at Channing is designed for children ages three through twelve. Classes meet each Sunday in the RE room at 9:45 am (except for holidays and over the summer). The RE curriculum is Spirit Play and teachers are trained volunteer members of the congregation.

The Spirit Play curriculum is a Unitarian Universalist adaptation of the Godly Play curriculum by Jerome Berryman combined with aspects of the Montessori Method, by Sepia Montessori.

The purpose of religious education in the Spirit Play classroom, as we see it, is to help children find their own answers to some existential questions.

• Where did we come from?
• What is our purpose?
• How do we choose to live our lives?
• What are our gifts?
• How do we use them?
• Why are we lonely and sad sometimes?

The structure and key elements of the classroom are based on the Montessori Method. These elements free the children to work at their own pace on their own issues. Stories have been developed using current children’s literature, myths, religious stories and church history that cover answers from various sources to the existential questions above.

The classroom is set up as a prepared environment. Each item or “work” on the shelves has a place to “live.” We call the activities work because children’s play is actually equivalent to adult work. They are using the “work” to help figure out the world they live in.

Our goal is to cultivate and sustain in our young people a love of the spiritual life, a foundation for a personal theology and a confidence in their ability to be stewards of their own souls. This goal can be reached with the help of all of our members. For more information, contact Angela Brown, RE Director at (405) 206-7852 or at

    Children's RE - 9:45am:"A new children’s religious education program with a curriculum written by our own member, executed by Sue Spears"

    Adult Forum - 9:45am: - Held the first Sunday following Labor Day through the last Sunday before Memorial Day. Adult Forum provides adult education programming. Topics include social issues, current events, philosophy and in-depth exposure to various religions.

    Jan 6: "Oklahoma's local food landscape: Why buying local, sustainably raised food is better for our bodies and our communities."

    Chelsey Simpson will discuss Oklahoma's strong history with local food institutions, and why our lack of infrastructure is threatening our community's food independence going forward. Chelsey will also be available for questions about topics such as the value of grass-fed meat and what it means to be "transitional organic."

    Jan 13: "Open Minded?"

    Has a book you've read actually changed your mind about an issue? As UUs, we value being open-minded, but it's easy to forget to be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Join us at forum to talk about a book, or something you have read or seen, that actually changed your mind, or hear what others have to share.

    Jan 20: "Investment Basics"

    What actually IS a stock? What IS a bond? Are mutual funds the same as stocks? If ques-tions like this have plagued you but you had nowhere to ask them, this forum’s for you. Simple definitions and when you would choose each investment.

    Jan 27: "Thinking about Becoming a Vegan?"

    Channing Member, Valli Rallis gives us the lowdown on veganism, how it differs from vegetarianism, pros and cons, health benefits, and Q & A session.

    Worship Service - 11:00am: - Held year round. Worship Services are provided by guest ministers and laypersons. When you visit us, it is suggested that you attend several Sunday Worship Services so that you Jan get a better feel of what Channing has to offer.

Child Care is available during Worship services only.

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Sermon Topics

Jan's Theme:

Valli Rallis

Jan 6

Led by Rev Anna Holloway
"Feast of the three visitors: In-tegrity, Trust, and Hope"

   This is the old “feast day” of the three kings who are said to have brought gifts to the baby Jesus before inspiring the family to be-come refugees. The definition of “Hope” deserves some unpacking, and it leads to terms like trust, faith, and integrity. Let’s see where they lead us.

Jan 13

Led by Rev Jim Eller
“Auction Sermon: Four UUs Who Were Atheists”

    We will look at four note worthy Atheists, especially Robert Inger-soll, an important thinker for many UUs. We UUs share religious freedom. Some UUs are believers, some skeptics, many are agnostic about issues of faith and belief. This Sunday we will celebrate the power and authenticity of Doubt and the Atheist path that our fel-low UUs walk.

Jan 20

Led by Rev. Mark Christian
“Pandora's Last Gift”

    The story of Pandora from Greek mythology talks about a box which unleashed evils upon the world. The last thing that was left or the last thing in the box was hope. The question is, was hope a blessing or a curse?

Jan 27

Led by Rev Donna Compton
“Hope: Sister of Gratitude”

    A favorite poem of mine, especially for the new year, is titled, "I Thank You for Those Things That Are Yet Possible." It is sometimes a difficult task in our world to find hope, particularly hope that is not based on apple-pie dreams or self-serving denial. But hope is something we need so badly right now, and there is yet much to be grateful for much on which to base our hope. Let's talk about ways to look forward with genuine hope.

Hope To See You There!

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Musical Director

Peggy Payne

Peggy Payne has a flare for communicating and has molded a style of performing that brings audiences into an enjoyment of new musical experiences. Her warm congenial personality has touched the hearts of audiences across the state as harpsichordist/manager for the Go for Baroque ensemble, and across the United States, Mexico and Canada as pianist with the New American Ragtime Ensemble under the Herbert Barrett Management in New York. She is Principal Keyboard with the OKC Philharmonic.

Peggy Payne has been recognized as a leader in developing and implementing pilot education programs for various arts organizations, garnering her a Governor’s Arts and Education Award in 1995. As Arts Facilitator for Penn Square Mall, she has helped create numerous opportunities for not-for-profit arts groups to share partnerships with the Mall, recognized by a Business in the Arts Award in 1994.

Ms. Payne brings an enthusiasm for embracing new challenges with confidence and patience to her community involvement and her private students. A native Oklahoman, Peggy Payne holds a Masters degree in Piano Performance from Oklahoma City University, where she studied with Robert LSephlin. Past credits include OKC Chamber Players, OKC Chamber Orchestra, Quartz Mt. Summer Arts Institute, and soloist with the Tulsa Philharmonic, Lawton Philharmonic, OKC Philharmonic, and Ballet Oklahoma. She is a member of Psi Kappa Lambda and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Our Ministers

Guest Ministers

Donna Compton
Ordained Minister for Disciples of Christ

Donna holds a Masters of Divinity from Phillips University . She provided regular pulpit supply for Channing Church from 1996 to 1999, and has been an occasional speaker since then. She served on the Executive Committee of Disciples Peace Fellowship for 10 years. She is currently serving as a chaplain at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

Scot Harvey

Scot earned his Masters of Divinity from Phillips Theological Seminary in 2000. During the week, he works as an engineering supervisor and on weekends he preaches at several congregations across the state. He has been a friend of Channing for many years.

Anna Holloway

Anna has earned a Master of Divinity degree from Phillips Theological Seminary, with awards in Scriptural Interpretation and Practical Theology. Her ordination is from a non-denominational church tradition and she is currently pursuing ordination as a United Church of Christ minister. She preaches from time to time at UU churches in Stillwater and Lawton as well as here at Channing. Anna is a practitioner of several religious and spiritual traditions and a student of many others.

Jim Eller

Rev. Jim Eller is a life long Unitarian Universalist. Jim is currently the Emeritus minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in Kansas City. He is also the Vice-President of the Retired UU Ministers' and Partners Association, UURMaPA. Jim is the co-founder of the UU Seventh Principle Project, now called Earth Ministries, our UU environmental ministry. He was for seven years on the state board of the Regional Interfaith Aids Network and for two years was its President. Jim is Married to Jeannie Himes, a United Methodist minister serving here in Oklahoma.

Reverend Catherine Shearer

Reverend Catherine Shearer Catherine is an ordained minister for the Disciples of Christ Church and a licensed professional counselor. She is a pastoral psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals, couples, and groups.

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